The North Dakota Buffalo Foundation is dedicated to preserving the history of the bison, as well as, promoting the bison industry of today. The museum is home to numerous art works, artifacts, and related Native American items. Visitors to the museum will see such items as: a 10,000 year old skull the original Thundering Herd oil painting, wildlife mounts including a full size buffalo mount, and numerous buffalo head mounts. Visitors can also view a 27 minute video; Tahtonka and during the months of May through September there is usually an additional temporary exhibit on display. The National Buffalo Museum also serves as an information center and thus maintains a large assortment of travel information and brochures. In addition, visitors can browse in the Museum Gift Shop, where a large assortment of buffalo novelty items can be purchased. Today, the North Dakota Buffalo Foundation continues to strive for excellence through new exhibits, grounds enhancement, educational interpretation at the Museum, and also through exceptional, hands on management of the herd.

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